Paul L. Caron

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Academic Law Libraries And Legal Education: A Primer For Deans And Provosts

Academic Law Libraries Within the Changing Landscape of Legal Education: A Primer for Deans and Provosts (Joan S. Howland (Minnesota), Scott B. Pagel (George Washington) &  Michelle M. Wu (Georgetown) eds., 2020) (2021 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award):

LibraryIn a world where technology advances appear daily, deans and provosts often have questions about law libraries, their purposes, and whether technological innovations should lead to changes in library spaces, collections, and/or services. This book seeks to answer those questions, which came straight from deans, examining the factors involved in an analysis of what a community needs from their library, and demonstrating why the answer to these questions might vary from library to library.

The commentaries by multiple directors will be useful to highlight different approaches in analysis as well as changing cultures in law libraries. This valuable title will be of help to newer and experienced law library directors, law school deans, and university provosts (where the university has a law school).


  • Elizabeth G. Adelman (SUNY-Buffalo)
  • Casey Duncan (Alabama)
  • Catherine Dunn (Denver)
  • Darin K. Fox (Oklahoma)
  • Darcy Kirk (Connecticut)
  • Anne Klinefelter (North Carolina)
  • George H. Pike (Northwestern)
  • Janet Sinder (Brooklyn)
  • Carol A. Watson (Georgia)

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