Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

16th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop At San Diego

Junior Tax 2021

Ed Fox (Michigan) & Zachary Liscow (Yale) (presenting), A Mark-to-Market Tax on Businesses
Commentators: Daniel Schaffa (Richmond), Hillel Nadler (Program on International Financial Systems)

Hillel Nadler (Program on International Financial Systems), Taxing Zero
Commentators: Ed Fox (Michigan), Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

Hayes Holderness (Richmond), Noncomparative Interstate Tax Discrimination
Commentators: Shelly Layser (Illinois), Andrew Appleby (Stetson)

Andrew Appleby (Stetson), Now You Can't Leave: State and Local Exit Taxes
Commentators: Christine Kim (Utah), Hayes Holderness (Richmond)

Edward Fox (Michigan) (presenting) & Conor Clarke (Yale), Read My Lips: No New Tax (Cuts)? Contextualizing the American Rescue Plans Restrictions on State Tax Cuts
Commentators: Ariel Kleiman (San Diego), Blaine Saito (Northeastern)

Sloan Speck (Colorado), Domesticating the Pass-Through Deduction
Commentators: Jonathan Choi (Minnesota), Tracey Roberts (Cumberland)


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