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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Today's Law, Society, And Taxation Panels


Today's Law, Society, and Taxation panels at the virtual 2021 Law & Society Association Annual Meeting (program):

Session #12:  Author Meets Reader: Daniel Shaviro's Literature and Inequality (Tracey Roberts (Cumberland),  Chair/Discussant): 
Today, high-end inequality in America and peer countries is at Gilded Age levels, raising issues that require sociological and humanistic evaluation. Great works of literature can help us to better understand its broader, culturally contingent, ramifications – not just in the authors’ own eras, but today. Daniel Shaviro’s Literature and Inequality offers a unique and accessible interdisciplinary take on how a number of great and beloved works from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries help shed light on modern high-end inequality. In particular, Shaviro helps us to understand the relevance both of cultural differences between America and peer countries such as England and France, and of cultural commonalities between America’s First Gilded Age in the late-nineteenth century and its currently ongoing Second Gilded Age.

  • Diane Klein (Chapman)
  • Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College)
  • Luisa Scarcella (Antwerp)

Session #13: Taxing Data and Artificial Intelligence (Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah),  Chair/ Discussant):

Technology is revolutionizing all aspects of contemporary life, and tax is not left out. The papers in this session consider how technology is changing the nature of tax in the 21st Century. Some of the specific topics to be considered include the consequences of developments in artificial intelligence for tax policy, complexity and technology, and the taxation of the digitalized world.

  • Benjamin Alarie (Toronto), Taxation and AI: The Pursuit of Alignment and Control
  • Hilary Escajeda (Denver), AI, Fractals, and Tax Fraud
  • Diane Ring (Boston College), Falling Short in the Data Age
  • Luisa Scarcella (Antwerp), Implementation of New Technologies For Tax Purposes
  • David Walker (Boston University), Tax Complexity and Technology

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