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Saturday, May 15, 2021

14% Of Law Schools Have Black Women Deans>

Karen Sloan (, 'It's the Moment for This': An Unprecedented Number of Black Women Are Leading Law Schools:

It started with a Facebook post.

University of Denver law professor Catherine Smith noted several recent appointments of minority women to deanships and decided last week to make a list of all the Black women running law schools. By the time she was finished, there were 27 names on her directory. (She later bumped that up to 28 when Zelda Harris was appointed the incoming interim dean of Loyola University Chicago School of Law.)

Smith’s Facebook post reverberated through the digital halls of legal education and confirmed what anyone who has been paying attention already knew: Black women are emerging as a major force in law schools and stepping into leadership roles in unprecedented numbers.

Come fall, 14% of American Bar Association-accredited law schools will have Black women at the helm, a figure that outpaces their representation among tenured faculty. ...

  1. Dean Michèle Alexandre (Stetson)
  2. Dean Patricia Bennett (Mississippi College)
  3. Dean Karen Bravo (Indiana University-McKinney)
  4. Dean Lolita Buckner Innis (incoming, University of Colorado)
  5. Dean Joan Bullock (Texas Southern)
  6. Dean Marcilynn Burke (Oregon)
  7. Dean Danielle Conway (Penn State-Dickinson)
  8. Dean Camille Davidson (Southern Illinois)
  9. Dean Felicia Epps (UNT-Dallas)
  10. Dean Linda Greene (Michigan State)
  11. Dean Zelda Harris (Loyola-Chicago)
  12. Dean Cassandra Hill (Northern Illinois)
  13. Dean Renee Hutchins (University of the District of Columbia)
  14. Dean Danielle Holley-Walker (Howard)
  15. Dean Jelani Jefferson Exum (incoming, Detroit Mercy)
  16. Dean Diedre Keller (Florida A & M)
  17. Dean Tamara Lawson (St. Thomas)
  18. Dean Dayna Bowen Matthew (George Washington)
  19. Dean Browne Lewis (North Carolina Central)
  20. Dean Kim Mutcherson (Rutgers-Camden)
  21. Dean Camille Nelson (Hawaii)
  22. Dean Eboni Nelson (Connecticut)
  23. Dean Angela Onwuachi-Willig (Boston University)
  24. Dean Carla Pratt (Washburn)
  25. Dean LaVonda Reed (incoming, Georgia State University)
  26. Dean Song Richardson (outgoing, UC-Irvine. incoming President of Colorado College)
  27. Dean Sean Scott (California Western)
  28. Dean Verna Williams (Cincinnati)

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