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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Yale Hosts Virtual Symposium Today On Citation And The Law

Yale hosts a virtual symposium today and tomorrow on Citation and the Law (program):

Yale Citation and the Law ConferenceThis FREE symposium will highlight the scholarship of law librarians and faculty interested in issues ranging from the US News and World Reports rankings for scholarly productivity, to link rot, to empirical research in the use of citations, and more.  Keynote speaker Fred Shapiro will set the stage with his paper “The Most-Cited Legal Scholars Revisited” to be published in the University of Chicago Law Review.  All the papers will be published in a book by the Hein Company.

To quote Legal Reference Services Quarterly editor Mike Chiorazzi, “If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a profession to support a symposium like this.  The Yale Law Library, the ALL-SIS Committee on Research and Scholarship, the Boulder Conference workshopping team, and LRSQ all pulled together to make this  symposium happen.  What has emerged is an impressive collection of first-rate scholarship that advances our understanding of law librarianship and legal information management.”

Panel #1

Panel #2: 

Panel #3: 

Panel #4: 

  • Michelle Penn (Denver), Citation and Hierarchies in Legal Scholarship: The Illusion of Meritocracy 
  • Jennifer E. Chapman (Maryland; Google Scholar), Citation Ethics: Constructing an Ethical Framework of Legal Citation
  • Paul D. Callister (UMKC; Google Scholar), and Web Archival Dissonance with Copyright Law

Panel #5: 

Panel #6: 

  • Jennifer Allison (Harvard), Source Citation in Legal Bibliography and its Impact on Research: A Comparative Examination of the United States and Germany
  • Dr. Cynthia Boyer (Université Toulouse Capitole), Citations to Foreign Law and the Roberts Court
  • Aaron S. Kirschenfeld (North Carolina; Google Scholar) & Alexa Z. Chew (North Carolina; Google Scholar), Citation Stickiness and Computer-Assisted Legal Research

Panel #7: 

  • Jane O’Connell (Florida; Google Scholar) & Elizabeth Hilkin (Florida), A Century of Citation in the Florida Supreme Court
  • Thomas Keefe (Loyola-Chicago; Google Scholar), The Evolution of Citation Analysis as a Tool for Caselaw Research
  • Amanda Watson (Houston), The Evolution of Citation Analysis as a Tool for Caselaw Research

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