Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

White Law Professor Claims Black School Paid Him Less Because Of His Race

Texas Lawyer, White Law Professor Claims Black School Paid Him Less Because of His Race:

ChampionA Houston law professor who claims that Texas’ historically Black law school discriminated against him because he is white has taken a second shot at pleading his race discrimination claim.

After Houston’s federal court dismissed the legal theory that was the basis for law professor Walter Champion’s race discrimination claim, he has changed his argument to claim that Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law demoted him and failed to promote him because he is a white employee at the historically Black university.

Champion has worked at Texas Southern’s law school for 34 years and he alleged that his salary is much lower and he’s been denied titled professorships and chair positions because he is white. Among other things, he argued that he used to hold a titled sports and entertainment law professorship, but the school didn’t renominate him and instead has left the post vacant. ...

He argued that the university systemically discriminates against Caucasian employees by paying them less money and denying administrative or director opportunities. Caucasian employees are required to carry heavy workloads and teach more courses than African American employees, said the amended complaint. Caucasian employees are barred from other sorts of work perks, it added, like good parking spots or free housing.

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