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Friday, April 9, 2021

24th Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference At UC-Irvine

UC-Irvine hosts the 24th Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference (program):

UCI_Law_1lineblue_logoThe Critical Tax Theory Conference has a long history of fostering the work of both established and emerging scholars whose research challenges and enriches the tax law and policy literature. Critical tax scholars question assumptions of objectivity in tax, as their work explores how tax law and policy impact historically marginalized groups. At a time when tax policy is once again at the forefront of politics and public discourse, the work of these and other critical tax scholars supports a more robust discussion of the role for tax law in current and future social and economic policy.

Panel #1: 

  • Leslie Book (Villanova), Keith Fogg (Harvard) & Nina E. Olson (Center for Taxpayer Rights), Administrative Burdens, Sludge, and Individual Taxpayer Rights
  • Michelle Layser (Illinois), Subsidizing Gentrification: A Spatial Analysis Of Place-Based Tax Incentives
  • Nancy Shurtz (Oregon) & Esther Sherman, When We Breathe: Reinventing the EITC for a More Just and Caring World
  • Moderator:  Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama) 
  • Commentators:   Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine) & Christine Kim (Utah) 

Panel #2: 

  • David Elkins (Netanya), A Scalar Conception of Tax Residence for Individuals
  • Patrik Emblad (Univ. of Gothenburg), Residency in Transition
  • Christine Kim (Utah), Taxing Teleworkers
  • Cristina Trenta (Örebro Univ.), The Role Of Taxation In Support Of EU Cybersecurity Initiatives For Sustainable Futures
  • Moderator:  Omri Marian (UC-Irvine)
  • Commentators:  Eric Allen (USC) & Yvette Lind (Copenhagen)

Panel #3:

  • Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan), Constitutional Review of Federal Fiscal Legislation
  • Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine), Presidential Tax Transparency
  • Ari Glogower (Ohio State), Taxes by Omission
  • Diane Ring (Boston College), "Slack" in the Data Age
  • Moderator:  Leandra Lederman (Indiana-Bloomington) (moderator)
  • Commentators:  Charlotte Crane (Northwestern) & Andy Grewal (Iowa)

Panel #4: 

Panel #5: 

Panel #6:

  • Ryan Gurule (TransMontaigne Partners, Denver), Captured: Section 45Q and Escaping from the Code’s Confused Energy Market Regulation
  • Victoria Haneman (Creighton), Prepaid Death
  • Ajay Mehrotra (Northwestern), Nixon’s VAT: The Rise and Fall of the 1970s Value-added Tax for Education
  • Moderator:  Leslie Book (Villanova)
  • Commentators:  Tessa Davis (South Carolina) & Phil Hackney (Pittsburgh)

Panel #7:

Incubator Panel #1: 

  • Jeremy Bearer-Friend (George Washington)
  • Tessa Davis (South Carolina)
  • Tracy Kaye (Seton Hall)
  • Orli Oren-Kolbinger (Villanova) 
  • Katherine Pratt (Loyola-L.A.)
  • Moderator:  Victoria Haneman (Creighton)

Incubator Panel #2:

  • Neil Buchanan (Florida)
  • Charlotte Crane (Northwestern)
  • Edward De Barbieri (Albany)
  • Phil Hackney (Pittsburgh)
  • Margaret Ryznar (Indiana-Indianapolis)
  • Blaine Saito (Northeastern)
  • Moderator:  Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine) 

Prior Critical Tax Theory Conferences:

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