Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Soft-Shoe And Shuffle Of Law School Hiring Committee Practices

Carliss Chatman (Washington & Lee; Google Scholar) & Najarian Peters (Kansas), The Soft-Shoe and Shuffle of Law School Hiring Committee Practices, 69 UCLA L. Rev. ___ (2021):

“We have too many Black and Brown faculty,” said no one ever in any law school. Each year we sit in appointments discussions and hear the same things. The classics—oldies but goodies from appointments committees are:

“We can’t find any qualified Black candidates.”

“There weren’t any in the Faculty Appointments Register (FAR), we scoured websites and emailed our Black friend yet found no one.”

One of our colleagues actually lifted a large binder filled with leaflets from the FAR from one year over her head with both hands and waved it side to side to punctuate this very point in a faculty meeting. Everyone around the room including the Brown and other non-white faculty shook their heads in agreement co-signing. Seeing this made one of us wonder whether the FAR binder was some kind of Bible or holy text the girth of which triggered some kind of irrational response or hypnosis to accept the rhetorical fuckery that proceeded the lift. Like that table of manilla folders filled with paper that Trump used in his press conference to prove he had turned over control over his businesses to his sons or that weird blank book that Kayleigh McEnany gave “60 minutes” reporter Leslie Stahl more recently.

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