Paul L. Caron

Friday, March 5, 2021

2021 Law School Rankings By Graduates In BigLaw Jobs

2021 Go-To Law Schools 3, The Top 50 Go-To Law Schools:

We have ranked the 50 law schools that sent the highest percentage of their 2020 juris doctor graduates into associate positions at the largest 100 law firms in the country [methodology].  Columbia Law School tops the list for the eighth straight year, with 65% of its recent graduate class now working in Big Law.

  1. Columbia
  2. Northwestern
  3. Cornell
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. NYU
  6. Duke
  7. Chicago
  8. Virginia
  9. UC-Berkeley
  10. Harvard
  11. Georgetown
  12. USC
  13. Stanford
  14. Michigan
  15. UCLA
  16. Yale
  17. Fordham
  18. Texas
  19. Boston College
  20. Boston University

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