Paul L. Caron

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Survey Of October California Bar Exam Takers Reveals Tech Support, Other Concerns

National Law Journal, Bar Survey of October Exam Takers Reveals Tech Support and Other Concerns:

California State Bar (2019)A majority of the individuals who took California’s October bar exam, the first general exam administered online, said they were satisfied with the experience, according to a state bar survey of more than 5,300 test-takers.

But test-takers still had plenty of complaints about the exam and the novel format, from late and frequently changing information from the state bar to challenges finding a good place to take the test. Respondents also said they experienced software problems. ...

The feedback on the exam was included in 932 pages of public-record documents related to the October test obtained by The Recorder. Bar leaders have declared the test’s administration a success, with more than 97% of those who took the exam able to upload it successfully for grading.

The comments sent to the bar paint a fuller picture of applicants struggling with unstable Internet connections, noisy testing environments and hours-long waits for technical help. Bar executives, who have briefed bar committees on the survey results in recent months, said they weighed the feedback in preparing for the next online exam Feb. 23 and 24, most notably by posting information about the test and requirements months in advance. More than 4,100 people are expected to take California’s spring exam.

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