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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Students And Alumni Ask Harvard Law School To Shun Anyone Who Worked For The Trump Administration

Karen Sloan (, Students Ask Harvard Law to Shun Trump Officials:

Harvard Law School (2021)A group of Harvard Law School students and alumni want the school to give the cold shoulder to senior officials in the Trump administration and lawmakers who furthered the former president’s agenda.

Nearly 200 of them have signed a letter to Dean John Manning asking the school to pledge not to hire the officials as faculty or hiring scholars. The school frequently brings on former government officials to fill such roles, the letter notes.

“We write because we firmly believe that Harvard Law School and Harvard University as a whole must refuse to serve as a tool to launder the reputations of those who crafted and enabled the Trump administration’s anti-democratic, anti-immigrant, racist, and morally reprehensible acts,” reads the letter, which was organized by the Harvard chapter of the People’s Parityftr Project and sent to Manning in late January. ...

“Allowing those complicit in the Trump administration’s actions to join the Harvard community allows them to use the Harvard name to whitewash their involvement in the atrocities of the past four years,” the latest letter reads. “It would also teach ambitious students of all ages that attempting to subvert the democratic process, promulgating racist, xenophobic policies, and telling American political leaders to ‘go back’ to where they came from is not just allowed, but will even propel them through a continuous revolving door to success and prestige.”

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