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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Nonprofit Started By Harvard Law Students That Offers Mentoring To Law School Applicants Seeks More Volunteers

ABA Journal, Nonprofit That Offers Mentoring to Law School Applicants Seeks More Volunteers:

Dear Future ColleagueA new group formed by Harvard Law School students, which pairs mentors with people applying for competitive scholarships and graduate programs, helped almost 500 candidates during the most recent application cycle, and they are looking for more volunteers.

The nonprofit organization, known as Dear Future Colleague, focuses on helping underrepresented applicants with admissions and scholarships. It focused on law school applicants during the first year, with services including LSAT prep and admissions essay review. 

Why Are We Here?:

Dear Future Colleague,
DFC seeks to address inequity in educational opportunity by providing free support to underrepresented students applying to graduate school* and to competitive undergraduate and graduate scholarships. While the American education system is often referred to as a ‘meritocracy,’ pervasive systemic barriers tied to race, socioeconomic status, disability, and level of parental education prevent applications from being a level playing field.

We are a group of students that want to change that. Some of us were underrepresented applicants ourselves, and we want to provide you with the resources and support that we struggled to find when applying. Others of us recognize the many layers of privilege that helped make our application processes easier than our peers’, and we seek to help rectify that imbalance.

Our goal is to provide mentorship, support, and encouragement to underrepresented applicants, with the hope that these applicants will join our professional ranks — diversifying our career fields in a way that benefits ourselves, our professions, and the broader world. The mission of DFC is to journey alongside our peers today, with the hope that our futures will be intertwined as professional colleagues. 

The program’s core model is simple — you fill out a comprehensive survey that allows us to pair you with a volunteer based on five category areas: background, identity, skillset, qualities, and goals. Once matched, your volunteer will work with you to support you throughout your application process — whether that be by providing exam prep advice, essay review, or interview tips.

We hope that this can be one step in your journey to fulfilling your career aspirations. You are not alone - and we hope to have you join us, as peers and as colleagues.

The DFC Team 

*Our pilot program focuses on law school admissions. However, we hope to expand to include other types of grad school in the future.

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