Paul L. Caron

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Law Prof Focuses On Positives From COVID-19 Pandemic

ABA Journal, Law Prof Focuses on Positives From the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Huang (2021)Rather than focus on the restrictions of teaching via Zoom, Peter H. Huang zeroed in on how he could use the platform in innovative ways. This summer, the University of Colorado Law School professor enjoyed the creativity involved with thinking about different ways to conduct class, and he got pleasure from brainstorming with colleagues on efficient ways to navigate change.

A business law professor whose academic work focuses on behavioral economics, finance and happiness, Huang advocates practicing mindfulness, which he first saw as a child, watching his grandmother use mala beads as part of her daily routine.

He recently discussed how he incorporates mindfulness in his life and finding “pandemic positives” with ABA Journal Senior Writer Stephanie Francis Ward as part of a special Asked and Answered podcast series, which looks at the way that lawyers’ lives have changed during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Peter H. Huang (Colorado) & Debra S. Austin (Denver), Unsafe at Any Campus: Don’t Let Colleges Become the Next Cruise Ships, Nursing Homes, and Food Processing Plants, 96 Ind. L..J. Supp. 25 (2020)

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