Paul L. Caron

Friday, February 12, 2021

Higher Ed Lost 650,000 Jobs Last Year — 13% Of The Workforce

Chronicle of Higher Education, A Brutal Tally: Higher Ed Lost 650,000 Jobs Last Year:

Colleges and universities closed out 2020 with continued job losses, resulting in a 13-percent drop since last February. It was a dispiriting coda to a truly brutal year for higher ed’s labor force.


Since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, the U.S. Labor Department estimates that American academic institutions have shed a net total of at least 650,000 workers, according to preliminary, seasonally adjusted figures released on Friday. Put another way, for every eight workers employed in academe in February 2020, at least one had lost or left that job 10 months later. ...

At no point since the Labor Department began keeping industry tallies, in the late 1950s, have colleges and universities ever shed so many employees at such an incredible rate.

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