Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Christians & Lederman: Should You Get A Tax LLM?

Following up on last week's post, Christians And Lederman Start YouTube Series Break Into Tax (BiT):

Seasoned tax professors Leandra Lederman & Allison Christians discuss factors to weigh in deciding whether to get a tax LL.M. and how to choose among tax masters programs. Both of us have an LL.M in taxation. One of us went full-time, one went part-time. We discuss our own LL.M. experiences, the circumstances in which students usually consider a tax LL.M., the pros and cons of getting an LL.M., and how to evaluate LL.M. programs. At the end of the video, we discuss considerations for getting an LL.M. in another country, drawing on Prof. Christians' experiences with crossing borders for the love of tax.

TaxProf Blog coverage of Break Into Tax videos:

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