Paul L. Caron

Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Top Five New Tax Papers

There is quite a bit of movement in this week's list of the Top 5 Recent Tax Paper Downloads, with a new #1 paper and new papers debuting on the list at #2 and #4:

  1. SSRN Logo (2018) [540 Downloads]  Tax Treaty Negotiations: Myth and Reality, by Yariv Brauner (Florida)
  2. [403 Downloads]  A Critical Assessment of the Originalist Case Against Administrative Regulatory Power: New Evidence from the Federal Tax on Private Real Estate in the 1790s, by Nicholas Parrillo (Yale)
  3. [285 Downloads]  What May We Expect of a Theory of International Tax Justice?, by Dirk Broekhuijsen (Leiden) & Henk Vording (Leiden)
  4. [273 Downloads]  Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits after the SECURE Act, by Richard Kaplan (Illinois)
  5. [211 Downloads]  5 Lessons on Profit Shifting From U.S. Country-by-Country Data, by Kimberly Clausing (UCLA)

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