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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Harvard Law Students Petition Administration To Denounce Professor Adrian Vermeule's 'Highly Offensive Online Rhetoric'

Following upon my previous post, Four Student Groups Demand That Harvard Discipline Law Prof Adrian Vermeule For Tweets Mocking Leftists:  Harvard Crimson, Harvard Law School Organizations Petition to Denounce Professor Adrian Vermeule’s ‘Highly Offensive’ Online Rhetoric:

Vermeule (2020)Eleven Harvard Law School student organizations have signed a statement calling for administrators to denounce what they characterize as “highly offensive, discriminatory, and violent statements in online posts” by Law School professor Adrian C. Vermeule ’90.

Addressed to five Law School deans, the statement — signed by organizations including the Harvard Parity Project, the Equal Democracy Project, and the Black Law Students Association, among others — describes Vermeule’s digital rhetoric as “harmful to democracy” and “unbelievably divisive,” with a particular emphasis on his recent allegations of election fraud. ...

Nicole M. Rubin, who co-wrote the statement, said she felt motivated to take action after realizing several students felt uncomfortable with what Vermeule posted online. She said many students documented Vermeule’s rhetoric by taking screenshots of his tweets.

From the statement:

We ask that Harvard Law School take the following steps:

  1. Release a statement condemning Prof. Vermeule’s spread of inaccurate conspiracy theories about the election, violent rhetoric, and intolerant statements. (Stanford University recently came out against a professor [Scott Atlas] in a similar fashion, so it would not be unprecedented for HLS to do the same.)
  2. Conduct an investigation into whether Prof. Vermeule is spreading misinformation or discriminatory content in his classes and/or discriminating against students on the basis of characteristics protected by HLS’s Policy Against Discrimination, and take appropriate action until the investigation is completed.
  3. Create at least two sections of Administrative Law per semester, so that no student is forced to take a class with Prof. Vermeule.
  4. Commit that going forward, 1Ls will not be required to take a class with Prof. Vermeule.

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