Paul L. Caron

Sunday, January 3, 2021

COVID-19 Dashboard Rankings Of 349 Colleges

COVID-19 College Dashboard Rankings:

College Dashboard 2

Inside Higher Ed, Ranking College Dashboards:

[W]hile COVID-19 dashboards are now ubiquitous, they are not created equal.

That’s why Howard Forman and Cary Gross, both professors at Yale University College of Medicine, started We Rate COVID Dashboards, a project to evaluate and assess how well higher ed is communicating about spread on campus. The project, which is both a website and a Twitter account, assigns a letter grade to dashboards based on a rubric of nine criteria. Are the cases separated into students and staff? Is it updated every weekday?

“Around the summer I wanted to start tracking colleges because I knew they were opening and found enormous variation in college reporting,” said Forman. “Importantly my own university had a terrible dashboard when I first noticed it.” (Yale later improved and earned itself an A.)

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