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Monday, January 4, 2021

90% Of Suspected Cheaters On October Exam Are Cleared By California Bar; Applicants Under Review Can Register For February Exam

Following up on my previous post, California Bar Flags Over 3,000 Applicants For Video Review Of Their October Online Exams; Deans Request That Applicants Be Permitted To Sit For February Exam As They Await Resolution:

Bloomberg Law, Ninety Percent of Suspected Cheaters Cleared by California Bar:

California State Bar (2019)The list of test takers suspected of cheating on California’s first-ever online bar exam has been narrowed to a fraction of the more than 3,000 initially flagged by video technology that monitored them during the test. ...

The additional notifications mean nearly 90% of the 3,190 applicants initially flagged for possible cheating on the October exam — about one-third of all those who sat for it — have now been cleared. The dramatic drop comes as states are finishing plans for administering the next round of bar exams, slated for late February. It also follows criticisms of the tests, which a number of states moved online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, over allegations of cheating as well as glitches in facial recognition software and other technology.

The threat of being branded a cheater, even if they’re ultimately cleared, adds to the burdens faced by test takers who were forced to prepare for the exam in the middle of the pandemic. ...

Because of the shortened timeline between the October and February exams, the State Bar will permit those who challenge the finding of a violation or sanction to register for the February exam while the review process is ongoing.

(Hat Tip: Selina Farrell)

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