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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

10 Hamilton Songs To Get You Motivated For The New Law School Semester

Law School Toolbox, Lessons From Pop Culture – 10 Hamilton Songs To Get You Motivated For the New Semester:

Hamilton (2018)The break is over and the new semester has begun! Time to get into the grind of law school yet again with classes, studying, and outlining! However, you aren’t exactly ready to dive into your stressful and hectic schedule. What are you to do?? Personally, I use songs and music to help get me pumped up and motivated! For example, I have curated a list of songs to help you get through exams. One of my favorite musicals (and one that has been very popular in pop culture in recent years) is Hamilton. This musical uses a unique blend of genres to create some banging hits all about Revolutionary-Era America and one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. These songs get stuck in my head frequently and constantly make me feel ready to take on the world! So here are 10 Hamilton songs to help get you motivated for the new semester. ...

Now that classes have begun again and you are in the hustle and bustle of law school, you will be studying ~non-stop~. Jokes aside, this song is a great way to pump you up for the start of the new semester. This song has a great beat and even has some legal jargon in the lyrics. And no, you do not have to write like you are running out of time to pass your classes! ...

One of my favorite songs in Hamilton is the last one. It is a reminder that you are making history every day and you can accomplish amazing things. It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are going through the mundane motions of law school. However, every day you are taking one step closer to achieving your dreams and becoming an attorney. Take in every moment of this exciting experience. Also, spend every day working hard, creating your story, and becoming who you want to be. Best of luck this semester in continuing your law school journey!

(Hat Tip: Selina Farrell)

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