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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tax Notes Issues Call For Papers

Tax Notes Editors' Wish List:

Tax Notes (2021)In the past year, our quarterly call for entries has been answered by academics, lawyers, researchers, policymakers, and analysts from all over the world. We will always review any tax-related article, but we recognize this call can be daunting with so many areas of tax to explore. While each of our magazines, Tax Notes Federal, State, and International share contributor guidelines, the content can vary greatly. ...

Tax Notes Federal: Editor in Chief, Ariel Greenblum
A good length for Tax Notes Federal articles is between 4,000 and 14,000 words. The Tax Notes Federal team is looking for articles on the following topics: ...

Tax Notes State: Editor in Chief, Jéanne Rauch-Zender
A good length for Tax Notes State articles is anything that meets the 1,500-word minimum. The Tax Notes State team is looking for articles on the following topics: ...

Tax Notes International: Editor in Chief, Cathleen Phillips
Any length over the 1,500-word minimum is good for Tax Notes International articles. The Tax Notes International team is eager to receive articles on any international tax matters under discussion, as well as current tax developments in the following jurisdictions: ...

Acquisitions and Engagement: Editor in Chief, Faye McCray
Our digital media team regularly invites tax professionals and academics to be guests on Tax Notes Talk, Tax Analysts’ podcast on all things tax, as well as our YouTube page where we host two new web series, In the Pages and Willis Weighs In. Our digital platforms allow our guests to respond to breaking news and provide in-depth discussions of the complex topics that our readers see in our magazines.

The Tax Notes digital media team is looking for coverage of the following topics: ...

All Tax Notes magazines accept articles for review on a rolling basis, so submission deadlines should not be a concern. Our editors will review articles on any tax-related topic of your choosing provided it has not been published elsewhere. For any questions regarding submissions, please feel free to email the Tax Notes Acquisitions Team at For more information on being a guest on our digital media channels, you can get in touch by emailing

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