Paul L. Caron

Monday, December 28, 2020

Muller: 1L Academic Dismissals Drop 53% After Spring Semester Pass/Fail Grading

Derek Muller (Iowa), Law School First Year Academic Dismissals Drop More Than 50% After Spring Semester Without Grades:

Back in March, I shared some reflections that were mostly against the idea of moving to pass-fail grading, identifying some value of grades in the spring, especially among first-year students, and some problems. One included concerns about academic dismissal of law students.

We now have some figures from law schools. Academic dismissals among first-year law students were down over 50% year-over-year. They dropped from 1182 among ABA-accredited law schools (excluding schools in Puerto Rico) in 2019 down to 558 in 2020. (1L enrollment was basically flat.) ...

[W]e won’t know until next December what the 2L academic dismissal rates look like, and whether they’ll back-fill academic dismissals into this class.

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