Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Mode Of Instruction At 199 Law Schools During The 2020-21 Academic Year: 41% Online, 35% In-Person, 24% Hybrid

Office of the Managing Director of Accreditation and Legal Education, ABA Section Of Legal Education And Admissions To The Bar, Distance Education Variance Modifications and Extensions to Spring 2021:

During a special meeting in July 2020, the Council approved 199 variances, granting an exemption to the distance education credit limit set forth in former Standard 306(e). In the variance applications, the law schools were asked to provide their primary plans as well as any contingent plans for the upcoming academic year and to inform the Office should the school materially change from the stated plans or move to the contingent plan. To this end, the Office distributed Modification Notification Forms and 27 schools submitted the forms for the August 2020 meeting, and another 22 schools submitted the forms for the November 2020 meeting indicating a material change in the stated plans or providing notice of a change to a contingent plan.

ABA Mode 2

After accounting for the 49 modifications and notifications, the Office provides the following summary of the law schools’ current plans for the 2020-21 academic year

  • Online/remote – 81
  • Hybrid – 48
  • In-person – 70

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