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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Missouri Law Dean Lyrissa Lidsky, A Breast Cancer Survivor, Is On The Mend From COVID-19

Karen Sloan (, 'It Was Terrifying.' Law Dean on the Mend From COVID-19:

LidskyLyrissa Lidsky, dean of the University of Missouri School of Law, knew something wasn’t right when she came home two weeks ago so exhausted that she fell asleep in her work clothes and slumbered through the night.

That marked the start of a two-week bout with COVID-19 where she vacillated between feeling well enough to teach her classes via Zoom and seeing her oxygen levels drop so low that she headed to the emergency room. Lidsky kept followers up to date on her illness via Twitter—where she has more than 5,000 followers—just as she tracked her progress through breast cancer treatment in 2019. Lidsky began to feel better over the Thanksgiving break, and spoke with on Monday about her symptoms, her hospital visit and her advice for those who haven’t yet contracted COVID-19. Her answers have been edited for length.

How are you feeling now?
Much better. Not 100%. My husband, son and I all had it, and we’re much better. We’re very grateful for that.

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