Paul L. Caron

Sunday, November 8, 2020

What President-Elect Biden's Win Means For Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education op-ed:  What a Biden Win Would Mean for Higher Education, by Robert Kelchen (Seton Hall):

Given how politically polarized America has become, major legislation is going to be extremely difficult to pass. The most pressing legislation for higher education is another coronavirus-relief package, which could make the difference between some colleges staying open for the spring or closing their doors forever.

If Democrats were able to reach 50 seats in the Senate, they could proceed in two different ways to support higher education. One option would be to wait to pass a single large relief bill in early 2021. The other option would be to agree to a smaller bill with Republicans now that contains less money for state governments, while preparing to pass a second bill later to meet their funding goals. ...

Because Democrats are unlikely to have solid control of Congress, the Biden administration will most likely rely on regulations to advance its policy goals. This regulatory seesaw will probably continue for years to come. In such a polarized political environment, colleges over the next four years will have to celebrate any wins they can get through the executive branch — and only hope that those wins are more than temporary.

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