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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Macalester President Offers To Pay Bail, Fines For Protesting Students

Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Macalester President Offers to Bail Out, Pay Fines for Protesting Students:

MacalasterMacalester College President Suzanne Rivera is offering fine and bail money to students arrested while protesting in the wake of Tuesday’s election.

“I care deeply about both the wellbeing of our students and their right to practice civil disobedience. I affirm that our students have the support of @Macalester in various ways including: Any currently enrolled student who participates in civil disobedience and needs help with bail or a fine they cannot afford can seek reimbursement by emailing me,” Rivera wrote Thursday morning on Twitter.

Inside Higher Ed, Macalester President Offers to Pay Bail, Fines for Student Protesters:

Macalester College students facing fines or bail after participating in peaceful protests can call their college president for help.

Suzanne Rivera, president of the private liberal arts college in St. Paul, first said in June that the college would help pay bail or reimburse students who incurred fines after they were arrested at peaceful protests.

“Back in June, some Mac students involved in Black Lives Matter protests following the killing of George Floyd told me they were worried they might not be able to afford their fines if they were cited for peacefully protesting in violation of the curfew,” Rivera said in a statement. “I told them that, if the fines were a hardship, they should let me know and I would find a way to cover the costs for any needy student.”

Rivera reupped her offer on Thursday after students rallied in support of the ongoing national vote count.

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Perhaps the school should focus on improving the quality of their teaching, courses and scholastic education rather than encouraging disobedience. Might help raise their ranking from #427 ranking on the Overall Best Colleges for the Money list. Can't imagine any parent sending their child to this school unless they couldn't get in anywhere else.

Posted by: leonard m fuld | Nov 12, 2020 6:19:17 AM