Paul L. Caron

Monday, November 9, 2020

Leiter: 'Anxiety, Resentment, Self-Deception, And Sour Grapes About The Law Teaching Job Market'

Brian Leiter (Chicago), A Lot of Anxiety, Resentment, Self-Deception, and Sour Grapes About the Law Teaching Job Market ...:

... on display here, especially in many of the comments (and there's also pushback in the comments).  The law teaching job market is very far from a "lottery" (as one commenter put it); if it were a lottery, it wouldn't be possible to predict fairly well how candidates will fare. ...

Max Weber observed, correctly, that "luck" plays an outsized role in academic careers, which is undoubtedly true; but that doesn't mean the results are wholly random, as they would be in a lottery. It does mean that even if one does all the right things, the outcome is far from assured.

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