Paul L. Caron

Thursday, November 5, 2020

How To Give An Online Exam

Margaret Ryznar (Indiana-Indianapolis), Giving an Online Exam:

Invaluable guidance has emerged on online teaching during the time of coronavirus, but less so on online final exams. This Article fills this void by offering various methods to maintain the integrity of final exams administered online.

In sum, it is important to think about protecting the integrity of online exams. There are several methods to do so, ranging from using additional assessments to different types of assessments. Some of these methods are high-tech, such as video proctoring and exam software, and others are low-tech, like time limits and course design. Given the relative advantages and disadvantages of each, exam design may offer a particularly effective approach.

These methods may not be able to eliminate all cheating— after all, cheating is as old as time. However, they can help minimize cheating, especially in the age of technology, making them worth pursuing given the importance of maintaining the integrity of online exams.

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