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Sunday, November 29, 2020

From The Texas Cotton Fields To The U.S. Tax Court: The Life Journey Of Judge Vasquez

Mary Theresa Vasquez & Anthony Head, From the Texas Cotton Fields to the United States Tax Court: The Life Journey of Juan F. Vasquez (2020):

Judge VasquezThe story of the life of the first Hispanic American appointed to serve on the United States Tax Court. An educational and inspirational story of a professional career, the book is accessible to lawyers and laypersons of all ages.

From picking cotton to deciding cases as a Judge on the U.S. Tax Court, the story of Judge Juan Vasquez is told with both pride and humility. The Judge's tenacity and the importance of family, community, and opportunity come through loud and clear, providing both testimony and inspiration. -- Alice G. Abreu, Temple University

Judge Vasquez's journey to one of the most esteemed positions in the practice of tax is an inspiring example of defining your own path through hard work, perseverance, and persistence in the face of adversity. -- Lany L. Villalobos, Dechert LLP

Should you think that tax lawyers are to the manner born, the story of Judge Juan Vasquez will disabuse you of that notion. Tax lawyers can come from the cotton fields, as Judge Vasquez's story well illustrates, if there is determination and grit. That, along with his humanity and humility, make for a wonderful story. -- Joan C. Arnold, Troutman Pepper

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It will be offered in an ePub version, which will be added to the ABA Store in the next couple of weeks.

Posted by: Todd Reitzel | Nov 30, 2020 1:07:40 PM

How about publishing it in an accessible and more affordable Kindle edition to make it available to all? I do plan to read it, though.

Posted by: Abe Carnow | Nov 29, 2020 9:47:50 AM