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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Artificial Intelligence In Law Schools

Emily Janoski-Haehlen (Akron) & Sarah Starnes (Akron), The Ghost in the Machine: Artificial Intelligence in Law Schools, 58 Duq. L. Rev. 3 (2020):

ABA Standard 1.1, Comment 8 is vague but leaves the door wide open for attorneys and law schools to define what it really means to be technologically competent. Law schools have a great opportunity to take advantage of Comment 8, and the state's unique adoption and interpretation of Comment 8, to teach law students about being technologically competent before they graduate and begin to practice. Incorporating legal technology skills and knowledge into the curriculum of law schools is the first step to better prepare students for the future of law practice and legal services. It could also lead to more opportunities for access to justice initiatives including better access to legal services for the underrepresented and easier access to attorneys and the legal system using advancements in technology. In addition, the adoption of new technologies in the legal profession has and will continue to lead to the creation of new jobs for law graduates.

From the topics and tools explored in this article, it is clear that it is relatively easy for law schools to introduce legal technology products and services. There are an array of products and services available from vendors in the legal technology field, with most willing to give access to their products to law schools for a free or reduced cost. It is vital that law schools take advantage of this and incorporate the suggested standards to graduate students who are technologically familiar with what is out there to ensure they are competent as to how to utilize these technologies in the practice of law. The future of law practice depends on the integration of technology. Future lawyers must let go of their unwillingness to adopt technology and embrace the "ghost in the machine."

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