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Monday, November 9, 2020

A Game Changer For Zoom Classes: Live Transcription By

Josh Blackman (South Texas), A Game Changer for Zoom Classes: Live Transcription by

I've discovered a game-changer. It is possible to automatically transcribe a Zoom call in real-time. Yes. As you speak, closed captions are generated. And, a running transcript is created that students can access during, or after class. The software is known as And it now interacts with Zoom.


The easiest way to understand how this software works is to review a transcript. Here is a link to my ConLaw class from Wednesday. Click it. ...

This transcript was generated in real time as the class progressed. Otter can separate when I am speaking, and when a student is speaking. You can quickly search the transcript for key words. And if you click on any part of the transcript, it automatically starts playing the audio. You can also play the audio at different speeds, and even skip the empty spaces with no sound.

My students absolutely loved the technology. First, this system eliminates the need to transcribed lectures verbatim. That was never a good use of the time. Now, students can pay closer attention, without the fear that they will miss something. Second, many students are visual learners. Seeing the words on the screen as I say them reinforces the message. Third, it becomes very easy to review a lecture after class. Students can jump to a specific portion to review what was said.

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Note that Zoom now has a native live real time transcription built in. It's not perfect but for a "no additional cost" feature, it's a very nice addition. This is a fairly new feature and we are just now encouraging users to adopt this option in their meeting settings.

Posted by: Phillip C Bohl | Nov 10, 2020 2:45:01 PM