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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

57% Of Haverford Students Boycott Classes; President Says She Will Resign If 'Adequate Progress' Is Not Made On Racial Justice Demands

Inside Higher Ed, Students of Color at Haverford College Continue Strike For Racial Justice:

HaverfordSenior administrators at Haverford College put their own jobs on the line in an effort to address concerns of racial inequities at the college and end a strike led by students of color, which has stretched into a second week.

During a tense listening session via Zoom with Black student organizers and an audience of nearly 300 students and faculty members on Nov. 5, one student using a pseudonym asked President Wendy Raymond to resign “if effective change does not occur” to support students of color, who say they have been treated inequitably for decades. Raymond and other college leaders agreed that if adequate progress is not made, it would be appropriate for them to leave.

“I am here for this work,” Raymond said during the meeting. “And if I am an impediment, if I am not the way forward as president and there is a better way forward for Haverford College to do that, absolutely.”

Students of color started a boycott of classes and campus jobs on Oct. 28 to protest the college’s inaction on changes demanded by students, which they outlined in a letter several months ago amid nationwide protests in response to the killing of George Floyd. About 780 students of 1,373 total enrolled have informed organizers they are participating in the strike, according to Aishah Collison-Cofie, a junior and one of the organizers. Other students have openly and anonymously dissented to the strike due to disagreement with the organizers’ tactics and some of the demands.

Collison-Cofie said students waited for the college to give specific responses and timelines to their previous letter’s demands, such as severing ties with local police and a “reparation fund” toward multicultural programs and facilities on campus. But their patience ran out when Raymond and Joyce Bylander, dean of the college, sent an “insensitive” email to students two days after Walter Wallace Jr., a Black Philadelphia resident, was killed by city police last month. Haverford, a liberal arts and Quaker college, is located minutes from West Philadelphia, where Wallace was shot, and students from the neighborhood attend the college, Collison-Cofie said.

Several students felt compelled to go into the city and join hundreds of others in protest of police brutality, but the administrators’ email discouraged students from doing so. They told students that protesting in Philadelphia “would not bring Walter Wallace back.”

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There will be no "racial justice" at this college until the faculty, students, and administration all agree to physically dismantle the the campus completely and return the property to descendants of the Lenni-Lenape tribe who originally occupied the area centuries ago.

Posted by: MM Classic | Nov 11, 2020 1:21:12 PM

Prof. Caron: that was sarcasm, by the way. Although that's what I'm likely to do at this point. Bruce Chitiea H'Ford '75

Posted by: bruce chitiea | Nov 10, 2020 4:31:04 PM

Hmmm. Maybe the legacy should go to Hillsdale College, which, by all reports, appears admirably un-corrupted by the institutionalized racism and insensitivity which infects its more wokish peers. Bruce Chitiea, Haverford College '75

Posted by: bruce chitiea | Nov 10, 2020 4:26:47 PM

Tell them tough luck, shut up and go to class

Posted by: Deserttrek | Nov 10, 2020 7:19:32 AM

Quote: Students of color started a boycott of classes and campus jobs on Oct. 28 to protest the college’s inaction on changes demanded by students, which they outlined in a letter several months ago amid nationwide protests in response to the killing of George Floyd.

Truly shocking. I wasn't aware that the faculty and administration had adopted Klan-like tactics, prowling the streets of major cities and killing black males at random. And since many of these crimes include drugs, the school's crimes undoubtedly include inner city drug dealing. Truly shameful behavior for this almost two-century old university. I can understand these protests.

And if Haverford is not guilty of that, then I fail to see what it can do to address these deaths. Their roots lie in a welfare system that has tripled the black illegitimacy rate since the no-so Great Society. Seventy percent of black men now grow up in fatherless homes with their welfare moms unable to set them on the right path. The results of that social pathology are identical to the same pathology when it happens in the white underclass—drug addiction, violence, and crime, accompanied by clashes with police who are unable to replace that absence father.

The numbers are quite clear. It's young black males who sell drugs to other black males. It's those same black males who kill one another out of all proportion to these police shootings. And it is black-on-black crime that makes life for law-abiding black people in inner cities so terrible. The role the police play in all this is that the pathologies are so great that even intensive patrolling and arrests fail to bring it under control. And as city after city has demonstrated, any reduction in police enforcement results in more black-on-black deaths not less. These protesting Haverford clearly want more blacks to die as long as the murders are black-on-black. Sick, really sick.

Folly like this is rampant in our society. Is it stupidity? If so, since the evidence is so obvious it is stupidity on a massive scale. It is malice? Much of it is, driven by a liberal press that in recent years has become the premier hate group in this country, setting black and white against one another on a scale not seen since Reconstruction. I have no problem imagining white liberals in the media and politics smiling with contentment at the rising death black death rates that accompany a reduced police presence. For this its merely doing what legalized abortion was intended to do but a bit later in life.

--Michael W. Perry, co-author with Albion Tourgee of Lily's Ride (a novel about Klan violence in 1870s North Carolina)

Posted by: Michael W. Perry, writer | Nov 10, 2020 5:55:20 AM

The word you’re looking for is “entitlement.”

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Nov 10, 2020 2:20:21 AM