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Monday, October 26, 2020

University Of Missouri President Admits He Didn't Read Promotion & Tenure Committee's Recommendations, But Stands By Rejection Of 7 Faculty Candidates

Columbia Daily Tribune, Choi Admits Mistake In Not Reading Tenure Recommendations:

Missouri Logo (2020)[Chancellor Mun] Choi didn't apologize, but he did admit to a mistake in not noticing a folder with recommendations of the Campus Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee when making decisions on faculty promotion and tenure.

The comments from the University of Missouri System president and MU chancellor were made at Wednesday's virtual general faculty meeting. ... "It was my mistake in not recognizing there was not a folder" for the committee recommendations, Choi said. "I did not realize. Of course, going forward, I will read the letter."

It was an oversight and unintentional, he said. ...

The MU Faculty Council last week voted to censure Choi for not following procedures for promotion and tenure of faculty members.

In a 12-7 vote, with three abstentions, the council approved a resolution stating that Choi didn't read the recommendations of the committee before making decisions on promotion and tenure, contrary to the UM System Collected Rules and Regulations.

Missourian, MU Faculty Council Approves Resolution to Censure Choi:

The MU Faculty Council approved a statement Thursday expressing disapproval for Chancellor Mun Choi's conduct in reviewing promotion and tenure candidates.

A resolution presented to the council censured Choi for failing to read the written recommendations of the Campus Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee during the 2019-2020 academic year. ...

Choi supported the committee’s recommendations for 54 of 61 candidates. In the seven cases he denied, he said he stands by his decision, according to a response included in the resolution. Choi consulted the provost, deans and faculty before making his decisions. He said the committee’s memos, which he read after the fact, did not change his mind after the final decision.

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My understanding of the Mizzou P&T process is that departments, deans and provost are all consulted before the case is advanced to the campus P&T committee and the chancellor. Chancellor Choi going back to faculty, deans and provost makes no sense, as they already advised the campus committee on each candidate.

Posted by: April | Oct 26, 2020 2:23:25 PM

Rules are for other, lesser, beings.

Posted by: aelfheld | Oct 26, 2020 2:13:58 PM

First the verdict, then the trial.

Posted by: Paul A. Mapes | Oct 26, 2020 11:44:05 AM