Paul L. Caron

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Pass Rates Are Up Among The First States To Give Online Bar Exams

Karen Sloan (, Pass Rates Are Up Among the First States to Give Online Bar Exams:

Results are starting to trickle in from states that administered their first-ever online bar exams, and the news is good—for the most part.

Pass rates were up significantly in both Michigan and Indiana, which were among the first three jurisdictions to deliver their exams remotely this summer. Results from Nevada, which was the third, are expected later this week.

But the pass rate for Idaho’s online bar exam plummeted to 32%, though a mere 28 people sat for that test. Idaho, which is the first state to report results from the October online exam given by 20 jurisdictions, offered both an in-person July exam and the remote October exam. Far more people—120—opted to take the test in-person, according to Diane Minnich, executive director of the Idaho State Bar. The pass rate for the July exam was nearly 77%, which is consistent with previous years, Minnich said. ...

Meanwhile, a growing number of jurisdictions have announced plans to deliver the February 2021 bar exam online. New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Tennessee and Massachusetts unveiled those plans last week, and Washington, D.C., joined the list Tuesday citing “continued pandemic conditions.”

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