Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Crouch Presents The Tax Legislative Process Virtually Today At SMU

CrouchDrew Crouch (Senior Tax and ERISA Counsel, Senate Finance Committee) presents The Tax Legislative Process virtually at SMU today as part of its Tax Speakers Series hosted by Christopher Hanna and Orly Mazur:

Drew Crouch will discuss the legislative process for federal tax legislation, including what constitutes regular order and the special role that reconciliation procedures play.  Drew will also discuss the role that bipartisanship plays in enacting tax policy, as well as the various career opportunities that are available to new and experienced lawyers who want to work on the Hill.

Drew Crouch is Senior Tax and ERISA Counsel for the Democratic staff for the Senate Finance Committee.  Drew’s policy areas at the Finance Committee include retirement and health plans, as well as executive compensation.  Prior to joining the Finance Committee staff, Drew worked at the Treasury Department on multiemployer pension plan funding issues, and prior to that served as ERISA Counsel for the Democratic staff for the Committee on Ways and Means and the Joint Committee on Taxation.  Drew also has private sector ERISA experience and worked on retirement plan regulations while employed by the IRS’s Office of Chief Counsel.

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