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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Christian College Faculty Aren't Lining Up For Trump

Inside Higher Ed, Christian College Faculty Aren't Lining Up for Trump:

[W]hile recent polls show Trump continues to hold a wide lead over Democrat Joe Biden among religious voters, a bad sign for the president is that some of his support is slipping, including among white evangelicals who, like the faculty at Christian colleges, have a college education.

At the nation’s Christian colleges, a number of professors described in interviews this week their struggle to reconcile their support for a president moving toward ending abortion with their discomfort, and even spiritual revulsion, over him.

Among those noticing the struggle is Shirley Hoogstra, president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

"President Trump has taken actions on issues like abortion and religious freedom that are important to Christians," she said in an interview. "But President Trump’s actions distress many who have deeper faith practices. I think the president’s behavior has made it a hard choice."

At the same time, she said, some religious voters are troubled by actions by the Democratic candidates, including a bill introduced by vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris to weaken a prohibition on laws burdening the exercising of religion.

Wheaton College — a Christian college in Illinois, which is described as sort as the Harvard of evangelical colleges — appears to be a place where Barrett’s nomination should be causing many to embrace Trump.

The university requires students and faculty each year to reaffirm a statement of faith, based on a biblical doctrine consonant with evangelical Christianity. Students and faculty are also expected to affirm that they agree with a community covenant, which, among other things, condemns “the taking of innocent life.”

David Iglesias, an associate professor of politics and law at Wheaton and director of the college’s Center for Faith, Politics and Economics, was clearly struggling whether his faith would allow him to vote for Trump.

“In my faith, everything is subservient to Scripture,” he said and brought up the biblical account of David’s adultery with Queen Bathsheba.

“The prophet did not give him a pass,” he said. “The Scripture is pretty clear that when our leaders do the wrong thing, we shouldn’t excuse them. Character counts. What you do matters.”

And, he said, “we know our Scripture here.”

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Just to dovetail off Ted's insightful comment: No self-respecting liberal who cared about privacy rights and peaceful foreign policy could've supported President Obama for reelection back in 2012, what with his mass domestic surveillance and unrestricted drone warfare...

Posted by: MM Classic | Oct 28, 2020 9:51:44 PM

Do you care about the Sermon on the Mount -- the only one of Jesus's sermons that has been preserved for us to read? If you do, you cannot support Trump. All the rest is rationalization.

Posted by: Ted Seto | Oct 25, 2020 2:01:46 PM