Paul L. Caron

Friday, October 30, 2020

Biggest Issues Facing College Presidents In Fall 2020 Due To COVID-19

American Council on Education, College and University Presidents Respond to COVID-19: 2020 Fall Term Survey:

In this first survey of the new fall term, which was developed in partnership with our colleagues at the TIAA Institute, nearly 300 presidents* identified their most pressing concerns, reported on their fall reopening plans, and offered an assessment of the impact the pandemic has had on their institution's fall enrollment and financial health. The following is a summary of our key findings.

Most Pressing Issues for Presidents
In our spring and summer surveys, presidents were asked to select up to five issues from a list of about 20 that they deemed to be most pressing. In the September survey, presidents were presented with a list of 19 issues and again asked to select up to five they view to be most pressing for them currently (see Figure 1). Mental health of students (53 percent) was the top concern selected by presidents.


Chronicle of Higher Education, As the Pandemic Grinds On, Here Are 5 Big Worries of College Presidents

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