Paul L. Caron

Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Conversation With Orly Mazur (SMU): Taking On Tax And Tech

Forbes, A Conversation With Orly Mazur: Taking On Tax And Tech:

Mazur (2020)Orly Mazur is a pioneer working to shape the tax law to adapt to rapidly changing technology. While leading classes at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law through examinations of various aspects of the tax law, she focuses her scholarship on cutting-edge issues in the digital economy and has become a leading voice on the intersection of tax and technology.

The influence of a standout mentor led Mazur to find her place in the front of the classroom at SMU — where she has won accolades from her students — and into the pages of many law journals. Her mentor's work has been a model of combining scholarship and policymaking, and Mazur’s own scholarship on the implications of technology has positioned her to follow a similar path. ...

Balancing classes with research and writing is a constant challenge for professors, but Mazur has made many contributions to tax scholarship, and her articles have landed in highly regarded journals. Mazur also makes an effort to involve students whenever possible so that they gain experience doing research and are able to explore new areas of the law. Thinking about the direction the tax law should take and training future lawyers combine to make for a fulfilling career that Mazur clearly loves.

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