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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

30,000 Law Graduates In 18 Jurisdictions Took Online Bar Exam Yesterday; Tech Vendor Claims 98% Success Rate

Karen Sloan (, First Day of National Online Bar Exam Goes Off—With Some Hitches:

The first day of the first multijurisdiction online bar exam is in the books—though not without some technical problems.

More than 30,000 law graduates across 18 jurisdictions logged onto the remote exam Monday in what is without doubt the single biggest experiment in the history of the attorney licensing exam. ...

Three of the five largest bar exam jurisdictions in the country kicked off their online exams on Monday: New York, California and Illinois. (Florida, which traditionally has the fourth-largest number of July bar exam takers, is giving its one-day online test Oct. 13. Texas is administering the online exam this week as well, in addition to the in-person exam it held in September.)

Bloomberg Law, Online Bar Exams Said to Encounter Tech Problems on Test Day:

Online bar exam takers in multiple states reported technical problems in the first day of testing, a result critics of the remote proctored exams for months had warned was likely.

Test takers on Monday complained of issues ranging from rejected file attachments to the unexpected deletion of online notes for essay questions. Some said they were booted out of the test completely because facial recognition technology didn’t work properly with their webcams.

“We’ve had a little over 98% of candidates who had already downloaded exams successfully start their exams so far,” ExamSoft spokeswoman Nici Sandberg told Bloomberg Law via email, responding to questions about tech problems. “We still have some exams in progress.”

Recent law school graduates and others who planned to take the exam—backed by some prominent law school professors and attorneys—warned that the 18 states as well as the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands offering the tests this week were hankering for trouble. They cited tech issues encountered by software providers ExamSoft and ILG Technologies in a smaller number of states that held online exams over the summer.

Business Insider, The October Bar Exam in Major Jurisdictions Like New York and California Saw Technical Glitches For Some Test-Takers — But the Exam Provider Said 98% of Users Logged in Successfully

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The statistics just shows the issues at the start of the exam. I would say that more people could have encountered tech issues during the exam, like laptop freezing, causing them mot able to take parts of the exam.

Posted by: Dee-Di | Oct 9, 2020 7:05:22 AM

98 percent of 30,000 were successful? So 600 law students who were scheduled to take the exam and prepared for months to do so, could not take the exam?

That seems like a high failure rate.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 6, 2020 8:41:21 AM