Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

15th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Kicked Off Oct. 2 Virtually At Utah

Utah Logo (2016)Zach Liscow (Yale, presenting) & Ed Fox (Michigan), The Psychology of Taxing Capital Income: Evidence from a Survey Experiment on the Realization Rule
Commentators: Jon Choi (Minnesota), Sloan Speck (Colorado)

Goldburn Maynard (Indiana Business School), Enjoying Luxury while Black
Commentators: Jacob Goldin (Stanford), Blain Seto (Norteastern)

Tracey Roberts (Cumberland), Regulatory Taxation (Revisited)
Commentators: Hayes Holderness (Richmond), Eleanor Wilking (Cornell)

Blaine Saito (Northeastern), Tax Coordination
Commentators: Jacob Goldin (Stanford), Clint Wallace (South Carolina)

Previous Junior Tax Scholars Workshops:

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