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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Yet Another Generous Dean: Laura Rosenbury

Karen Sloan (, Yet Another Generous Dean:

Rosenbury (2020)I’m checking in on this welcome trend of law deans cutting big checks to their schools. The latest entrant is the University of Florida’s Laura Rosenbury. ...

I’ve been keep track of law deans making major donations to their schools during these crazy pandemic times, and I’m happy to add another one to the list. University of Florida law dean Laura Rosenbury has donated a total of $100,000 to various student support and scholarship programs. She joins Penn State Dickinson law dean Danielle Conway, Pepperdine law dean Paul Caron, and Florida International University law dean Antony Page in making six-figure gifts to their law schools in recent weeks.

Of Rosenbury’s donation, $25,000 is going into an emergency support fund for students facing financial distress. (The school said it’s helping 90 such students with $100,000 it has raised for that purpose.) Florida tax professor Neil Buchanan also contributed $25,001 to that emergency fund. The remainder of Rosenbury’s donation is going to student scholarships. From that, $25,000 is heading into a newly created scholarship that covers full tuition for graduates of Historically Black Colleges and University who go on to study law at Florida.

Know of other deans who are writing big checks? Let me know.

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