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Sunday, September 20, 2020

State Auditor Tries To Fire Tenured Professor Who Participated In #ScholarStrike

Following up on my previous post, #ScholarStrike: Professors Plan Strike For Racial Justice:  Clarion Ledger, State Auditor Investigating Ole Miss Professor Who Participated in Strike:

#ScholarStrikeState Auditor Shad White is pushing Ole Miss to fire one of its professors, James Thomas (@Insurgent_Prof), saying Thomas illegally participated in a two-day strike last week.

White sent a letter to Ole Miss Chancellor Glenn Boyce on Monday describing a "work stoppage" the sociology professor participated in on Sept. 8 and 9. The nationwide event was called "Scholar Strike," and involved professors and others in academia halting their classes and other duties to protest racism, police brutality and other racial injustice issues.

In the letter, White, a Republican who attended Ole Miss for his undergraduate degree, described Mississippi code that bans strikes or any other "concerted work stoppage." He told Boyce the university should recoup money it paid Thomas for those days of work and pursue terminating the professor in court. Thomas was granted tenure last year, which gives him additional job security.

James Thomas 2 James Thomas

Update: Chronicle of Higher Education, Faculty Members Joined a Day of Action to Protest Racial Inequality. Now 2 Are in Hot Water.

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This is what happens when you have ideologues teaching impressionable young minds instead of intellectually honest professors. He should be fired, post haste. If crime statistics were honestly talked about, there would be a White Lives Matter movement instead of a black one.

Posted by: Melissa | Sep 21, 2020 6:11:55 PM

Making political statements by skipping work is not "academic freedom", and even if it was, academic freedom doesn't negate contractual obligations. Fire his worthless ass.

Posted by: mikesixes | Sep 21, 2020 7:30:11 AM