Paul L. Caron

Monday, September 14, 2020

Copenhagen Business School Hosts Virtual Conference Today On Inequality Within International Taxation

Inequality Int'l Tax'n

Copenhagen Business School hosts a two-day virtual conference beginning today on Inequality Within International Taxation (program):

How should concerns about inequality influence the choices that countries make in the design of their international tax laws and regulations? What role do international tax rules play in reducing (or exacerbating) inequalities of income and wealth, and how do concerns such as gender and racial inequalities inform and intersect with economic and political concerns? Can tax rules, for example, allow wealthier countries to help pull poorer countries out of poverty? Will political systems be willing to use tax policy to address the effects of continuing discrimination in employment, housing, and other areas of people’s live?

Neil Buchanan (Florida) is delivering the Keynote Address on Reducing Inequality Is the Proper Goal of Policy (Including Tax Policy)

Omri Marian (UC-Irvine) is presenting Taxing Data

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