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Saturday, September 19, 2020

California Public Universities To Be Online In Spring 2021

Los Angeles Times, Cal State Universities Will Stay Online All Year Amid COVID-19 Pandemic:

CSUThe nation’s largest public university system will continue with primarily online instruction for the remainder of the academic year amid the state’s ongoing coronavirus crisis, California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White announced Thursday in a letter to students, faculty and staff.

White said he had consulted extensively with campus presidents and considered the state of the pandemic in California as well as university operations.

“The disease continues to spread,” he said. “While the current mitigation factors do make a difference, in the absence of a vaccine and of sufficient, cost-effective, timely testing and contact-tracing infrastructure, we are not able to return to a normal, principally in-person schedule in January 2021.”

There will be some limited exceptions for classes that cannot be delivered remotely. On-campus housing will also be reduced. ...

Across the Cal State system, less than 7% of classes will be offered in person this term, with significant variability by campus. White said that he expects similar variations in the spring and that in some cases it may be possible to increase the amount of in-person instruction, whereas in others it may be necessary to pull back.

Los Angeles Times, UC Should Prepare For Online Classes, Limited Dorms Beyond Fall, UC Health Chief Says:

University of California (2020)The University of California’s top health executive has told UC officials to prepare to continue online learning and limited access to campus beyond the fall as the COVID-19 pandemic will probably cause at least another year of disruption to university operations.

“This is not something that will go away quickly,” Dr. Carrie L. Byington, who heads UC Health, told regents during their two-day online meeting this week. The university’s $13-billion health enterprise includes 19 health professional schools and six health systems, five of them academic medical centers.

So far, UC campuses have not announced plans for winter and spring — unlike the California State University system, which said this month that campuses will stay primarily online through the rest of the academic year.

But Byington told The Times on Thursday that she has discussed with top UC officials the possible need to continue largely online operations.

Cal Matters, Coronavirus Precautions at UC System Likely Until Fall 2021:

Zoom classes will need to stick around for at least another year at the University of California, according to the system’s top health official. 

Dr. Carrie L. Byington, executive vice president of the sprawling UC Health system, said Wednesday that COVID-19’s impact on public health will require the university to continue its modifications, which include almost all classes done virtually and extremely reduced on-campus housing capacity,  through September of 2021, improving gradually each month through July of 2022.

Byington’s remarks came at the UC Board of Regents meeting during a virtual meeting.

After a regent asked if it’s the case that January won’t look much different than the situation on campuses today and that the picture won’t change much by September, Byington said “that is an accurate summary of my feelings.”

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Does anyone know what the change in enrollment for Fall 20 is compared to Fall in the last few years?

Posted by: JWJ | Sep 20, 2020 8:36:26 AM