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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Arizona State Law Faculty And Staff Have Given $5 Million For Students Over Past Decade

Press Release, ASU Law Faculty, Staff, Community Raise Over $2.5 Million, Provide Employment Opportunities For Students During Pandemic:

DownloadIn a world that is changing every day, the faculty of Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University stepped up to support its students in multiple ways while providing the most exceptional legal education possible.

ASU Law’s generous donors, including faculty members, have contributed over $2.5 million in financial support during the pandemic. These donations have provided ASU Law students with public interest fellowships, first-generation and diversity scholarships, externship stipends, experiential learning opportunities and support for essential needs.

And over the summer when student employment opportunities were canceled or cut short due to COVID-19, ASU Law Dean Douglas Sylvester called on faculty to create innovative, paid internship and externship opportunities for students. Quickly stepping in, faculty launched a highly successful program, with 81 students participating in these special summer work opportunities while earning more than $220,000 in paid stipends from ASU Law.

ASU Law also awarded nearly $13 million in scholarships to incoming JD students for fall 2020, and the college gave more than $50,000 to students needing extra support due to COVID-19.

This support is part of ASU Law’s continuing spirit of generosity with more than $80 million in donor gifts, close to $5 million coming from faculty and staff, raised in the last decade.

ASU Law also did not increase tuition this year and has the second lowest tuition in the top 25 law schools nationally. And with three modalities for students to choose how they attend classes — in person, online or a hybrid of both — ASU Law professors are tailoring the educational experience to every student’s personal preference to provide an even more valuable environment.

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More propaganda. Giving back money you took from students is not charity. It’s just a tuition reduction.

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Sep 15, 2020 2:13:58 AM