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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Arbitrator Sides With University Of Akron In Layoff Of 100 Faculty

Following up on my previous post, Budget 'Bloodbath' As University Of Akron Lays Off 23% Of Full-Time (Including Tenured) Faculty Due To COVID-19:, Arbitrator Sides With University of Akron in Layoff of Nearly 100 Union Faculty:

AkronAn arbitrator on Friday sided with the University of Akron administration in its decision to eliminate the positions of nearly 100 unionized faculty as part of the university’s cost-saving measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ruling by arbitrator Jack Buettner – which you can read here – came Friday afternoon, and stated that UA was within its rights to lay off the faculty under the “force majeure” clause in its contract with the Akron chapter of the American Association of University Professors. ...

Akron-AAUP President Pam Schulze said the arbitrator’s decision is “terrible news for our institution.” You can read both full statements from Miller and Schulze at the bottom of this post. ...

The university’s Board of Trustees on July 15 approved eliminating 96 union faculty positions – including tenured faculty – with the layoffs going into effect on Aug. 22. As of Aug. 16, that number had decreased to 72, as other faculty had retired or left, according to the AAUP. Union members voted in early August to reject the proposed layoffs, triggering the binding arbitration.

Inside Higher Ed, Arbitrator Sides with U of Akron on Faculty Layoffs

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