Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

400 Of 700 Michigan State Law Students Cannot Access Their Student Loans Due To Gymnastics Scandal, Integration With University

Lansing City Pulse, Nassar Fallout Delays Student Loans For Hundreds at MSU Law:

Michigan State Logo (2013)Most law school students at Michigan State University are still waiting to receive their student loans more than a week after classes began as officials grapple with federal consequences stemming from the Larry Nassar investigation.

Nearly 400 of the 700 students registered to attend MSU’s College of Law this semester are affected, MSU officials confirmed yesterday. They are in their second week of virtual classes.

“We realize this process and situation is frustrating for students and causes disruptions in their funding plans,” an MSU spokeswoman explained to City Pulse after students reached out with concerns. “We are working closely with the federal government to get this process resolved.”

The College of Law — formerly known as the Detroit College of Law — relocated to East Lansing in the ‘90s and, until a planned integration this year, was independent of MSU, complete with its own financial aid and loan procedures.

That merger, however, hit a hiccup with the U.S. Department of Education stemming from Clery Act violations related to Nassar and the subsequent sanctions levied against MSU. As a result, MSU cannot technically add other loan-eligible locations without federal approval. Nassar is a former MSU physician and professor who is serving time in prison for sexual abuse. 

Until the federal government rubber stamps the merger, that means students still don’t have access to their loan money. They found out about the problem last week. Interim Dean Melanie Jacobs hasn’t made any promises, but hopes the issue can be resolved by next week, she said.

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