Paul L. Caron

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Victor Presents The Taxman’s Guide To The Galaxy Today At The Indiana/Leeds Summer Zoom Tax Workshop Series

Ee1RV9SXoAAL4wHMonica Victor presents The Taxman’s Guide to the Galaxy: Allocating Taxing Rights in the Space Economy today as part of the Indiana/Leeds Summer Zoom Tax Workshop Series hosted by Leandra Lederman (Indiana) and Leopoldo Parada (Leeds):

Recently, big investors have demonstrated significant interest in outer space commercial activities such as space colonies, trips, and mining extraction. The commercial use and exploration of outer space may soon be feasible by automation, artificial intelligence, and innovative materials available for manufacturing spacecrafts and other gears. In that context, the international taxation legal system will have to provide rules on the allocation of taxing rights in the space economy. The present paper was conceived to provide a theoretical framework for the taxation of the space economy by analyzing the net of international legal instruments that may guide both tax authorities and taxpayers carrying on commercial activities in outer space.

Besides allocating taxing rights, the space economy taxation debate also should be aimed at reconciling the international taxation legal system with the international space legal system rules and principles such as “Province of All Mankind” and “Non-Appropriation”.

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