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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tax Prof Moves, 2016-20

After a four year hiatus from compiling an annual list of career moves by Tax Professors (see links below for 2004-05 to 2015-16), here is a list of (1) visiting assistant professor hires; (2) entry-level hires; (3) lateral moves; (4) promotions, tenures, chairs, and professorships; (5) administrative appointments: (6) visits; and (7) retirements involving tax professors in 2016-2020. (Email me any omissions.) 

VAP Hires

  • Jeremy Bearer-Friend (Tax Counsel, Office of Sen. Elizabeth Warren) to NYU (2017)
  • Jonathan Choi (Wachtell, Lipon, Rosen & Katz, New York) to NYU (2018)
  • Edward Fox to NYU (2017)
  • Gaga Rachel Gondwe (Skadden) to NYU (2020)
  • Jonathan Grossberg (Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, Philadelphia) to American (2016)
  • Ariel Jurow Kleiman to NYU (2016)
  • Orli Oren-Kolbinger (Michigan Grotius Research Scholar, Michigan) to Villanova (2017)
  • Jeesoo Nam (Latham & Watkins LLP, Los Angeles) to NYU (2019)
  • Tracey Roberts (VAP, UC-Hastings) to Cumberland (2016)
  • Kyle Rozema (Fellow, Northwestern) to Chicago (2017)
  • Blaine Saito (U.S. Department of Justice) to Harvard (2018)

Entry Level Hires

Lateral Moves

Promotions, Tenures, Chairs, and Professorships

  • Ted Afield (Georgia State) to Mark and Evelyn Trammell Associate Clinical Professor of Law (2018)
  • Jordan Barry (San Diego) to University Professor (2019)
  • Jordan Barry (San Diego) to  Kaye and Richard Woltman Professor in Finance (2020)
  • Tessa Davis (South Carolina) to Associate Professor of Law With Tenure (2018)
  • Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego) to Herzog Endowed Scholar (2017)
  • Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego) to University Professor (2020)
  • Ari Glogower (Ohio State) to Associate Professor of Law With Tenure (2019)
  • Jacob Goldin (Stanford) to Associate Professor of Law (2019)
  • Victoria Haneman (Creighton) to Frank J. Kellegher Professor of Trusts & States (2019)
  • Daniel Hemel (Chicago) to Professor of Law With Tenure (2020)
  • Kristin Hickman (Minnesota) to McKnight Presidential Endowed Professor (2020)
  • Hayes Holderness (Richmond) to Associate Professor of Law (2020)
  • Michael Kelly (Creighton) to Senator Allen A. Sekt Endowed Chair in Law (2017)
  • Raneta Mack (Creighton) to Skinner Family Professorship in Law (2017)
  • Khrista McCarden (Tulane) to Associate Professor of Tax Law With Tenure (2019)
  • Doron Narotzki (Akron) to Associate Professor of Law With Tenure (2020)
  • Mary Pareja (New Mexico) to Don L. and Mabel F. Dickason Professor of Law With Tenure (2020)
  • Tracey Roberts (Cumberland) to Associate Professor of Law (2020)
  • Diane Uchimiya (Creighton) to Connie Kearney Endowed Chair in Clinical Legal Education (2020)
  • Camilla E. Watson (Georgia) to Ernest P. Rogers Chair (2019)
  • Sean Watts (Creighton) to James L. Koley ’54 Professor of Constitutional Law (2020)
  • Bret Wells (Houston) to Law Foundation Professor of Law (2018)
  • Elaine Wilson (West Virginia) to Full Professor of Law With Tenure (2017)

Administrative Appointments



  • Brookes Billman (NYU)
  • Evelyn Brody (Chicago-Kent)
  • G. Michael Fenner (Creighton)
  • Catherine Mahern (Creighton)
  • Jim Edward Maule (Villanova)
  • Kenneth J. Melilli (Creighton)
  • Mildred Robinson (Virginia)
  • Deborah Schenk (NYU)
  • George Yin (Virginia)

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