Paul L. Caron

Monday, August 24, 2020

One Of Three Vendors Pulls Out Of Online Bar Exams, Fears Tech Failure

ABA Journal, Software Provider Pulls Out of Remotely Proctored Bar Exams Because of Technology Concerns:

NCBE (2020)The National Conference of Bar Examiners has a remote proctoring requirement for states using its testing materials in October online bar exams. However, according to one of three bar exam software providers that recently pulled out of the online exam, the mandate may not be possible to carry out.

Greg Sarab, the founder and chief executive officer of Extegrity, says his primary concerns about a bar exam with remote proctoring include reliable internet connections being required for live remote proctored exams, and that the requirement of simultaneous start times comes with significant technological and procedural burdens. He also says there hasn’t been sufficient development time or product testing for the technology.

“Could it work? I had to make a business decision based on my perception of risk. My assessment of the risk was that I couldn’t advocate for it. So far, what you’d want to see is every single test run and exam day going off like clockwork, and they haven’t,” says Sarab, an attorney who started developing laptop exams in 1995. He co-founded SWA Software, which is now known as ExamSoft, in 1996, and formed Extegrity in 1998. ...

ExamSoft and ILG Technologies are the other companies involved in bar exam software, according to the NCBE

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